Změna ordinační doby
od 02. 11. do 24.11.

Vážení klienti,
v termínu od 02. 11. do 24.11. bude zkrácená ordinační doba. Doktorka Králová jede na třítýdenní chirurgickou stáž a ordinovat bude doktorka Krbečková a doktorka Kučerová. Případné chirurgické zákroky budou probíhat o víkendu.

Navštivte náš rezervační systém a objednejte se.
Děkujeme za pochopení a budeme se na vás těšit.

Dočasná ordinační doba
Pondělí: 15:00 – 19:00 hod.
Úterý: 8:00 – 12:00 hod.
Středa: 13:00 – 17:00 hod.
Čtvrtek: 15:00 – 19:00 hod.
Pátek: 8:00 – 12:00 hod.
V pátek 17. 11. bude zavřeno (státní svátek)

What are we doing?

We provide complete diagnostics and treatment for your pets.


● Vaccination and deworming
● Microchips and registration of europassports
● Geriatic care
● A „yearlong care“ package for dogs

Internal medicine

● Postoperative care
● Ophthalmology, otology
● Dentistry, tartar removal
● Gynecology and obstetrics
● Endocrinology
● Urology
● Gastroenterology, nutrition
● Dermatology


● X-ray
● ultrasonography
● blood analysers
● Microscopic examination
● coprology


● soft-tissue
● orthopedic surgery


● Short-term postoperative care
● Long-term hospitalization
● Administration of intravenous fluids

About me

I love Medlánky and animals the most. I‘ve lived here for almost my entire life except for vacation breaks. That‘s why I wanted to open my clinic here. You can come to have a look and ask me anything. I am looking forward to seeing you!

References and responses

During my training trips, I was very lucky to meet extraordinary experts, whom I am grateful for very valuable advice and experience. This is one of the reasons why I can effectively help by my work.
Jeff Fankhauser, DVM

Jeff Fankhauser, DVM

Head of Planned Pethood International Veterinary Education

"I have worked with doctor Hudcova last two months at Planned Pethood Plus and as experienced veterinarian I can tell she is professional, resolved and very kind. She was assisting me during several operations so I can value very highly her surgery skills."

Don Kraft, DVM

Don Kraft, DVM

Veterinary, Planned Pethood Plus

"During our traveling I could be present how she improved her skills by working with the best
vets in the field.
When me met again after several months I could see she keeps learning and improving to be prepared for more complex surgical and medical cases."

Jeff Baier, MS, DVM

Jeff Baier, MS, DVM

Veterinarian, specialist in exotic and wild animals, Planned Pethood Plus

"I recommend this young lady with my whole heart!
Tereza is one of the most promising young veterinarians, with whom I had the honor to work with.
She works excellently with animals. She is very kind and compassionate and shows excellent skills in handling animals."

Ilona Hověžáková

Ilona Hověžáková


Doctor Tereza is very careful, emphatic and with very unusual approach to animals and their owners. Her help and determination saved our puppy, diagnosed with diabetes.
She is a person with big heart in the right place.

Petra Kondiczová

Petra Kondiczová

shop assistant in pet shop

Tereza as a vet made us always very happy- me and my dog Pup. Her approach is cool and I could see my dog is looking forward to go to vet! Every time I need a specialist I go to her. Sadly we moved so Pup is not any longer her patient. I can recommend her- your pets will experience best care ever.



Hudcova 301/58, Brno-Medlánky 621 00

Zastávka autobusu: Medlánky škola (41, 71, 65)

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Ordinační doba:

Pondělí8:00 - 12:0015:00 - 19:00
Úterý8:00 - 12:0013:00 - 17:00
Středa8:00 - 12:0013:00 - 17:00
Čtvrtek8:00 - 12:0015:00 - 19:00
Pátek8:00 - 12:0013:00 - 17:00
Sobota, Nedělepohotovost a objednaní pacienti


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